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"I See You!"The Solar Eye of Bearded Dragons

October 03, 2016

We, pagonas, are very unique. We have normal left and right eyes with eyelids like other animals. However, we also have a third or solar eye on the top of our head.

It is a true eye but with no eyelids and instead of communicating with the optic center of the brain, it sends signals to the pineal gland, My special eye measures the photoperiod of light in my environment. My entire body functions are regulated by my special eye sensing if the sun is out or not and for how many hours.

My pineal eye can sense ultrared and ulvtraviolet light so if my human servants leave the red light on at night, I can see it and not sleep well. Sometimes I can crawl under a log or rock for darkness but it is better to shut the red light off and use a ceramic heater for warmth.

Ahhh. Time to relax and watch a movie. Casablanca is my favorite. Here's looking at you, kid.