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"Hi. I'm a Pogona"- History of Bearded Dragons

September 29, 2016

Hi, I'm Lilly the lizard residing in the lobby of Sawnee Animal Clinic.

My Latin genius name is Pogona but you probable know me as a bearded dragon. I have become the most popular reptile pet in America. All of my ancestors came from several regions in Australia covering most of the continent. Each area is a little different and, therefore, so are we but all are arid so we like it hot and dry.

Australia closed its exportation of Pogonas in the 1980's and some animals were smuggled out. All animals today are the result of crossbreeding two to six different subspecies of those individuals. One ancestor, Pogona barbata, had a lot of yellow pigment in its mouth so any Pogona today with the same characteristic has at least some P. barbata bloodline. Unfortunately, you can't guess how much P. barbata is present based on the amount of yellow pigment.

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